Franchising Process

The franchising process of Fresh & Healthy is designed to be transparent and hassle-free. Based on a variety of factors including financial commitment, we have a designated “Master Franchisee” for each individual market or country. The master franchisee has a right to open additional franchise locations, seek candidates looking for new franchise opportunities, or to grant a franchise license to applicants in his or her designated region. The Master Franchisee also provides ongoing support for new franchisees. This enables all the franchisees to have consistent marketing and menu offerings across the same market or country.

Our training, operations manual and ongoing support services offer a strong network to help encourage your new business. Our systems can also be modified to adapt to cultural, economic and sociological differences in the various countries we serve. Flexibility based on location is one of the key reasons why our franchise partners are attracted to a new franchise opportunity with Fresh & Healthy Brands.

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Finding the Right Location for Your Business

Part of the success of Fresh & Healthy Brands is the convenience we offer to our customers. That includes operating a healthy food franchise in locations that are easy to reach for people who are leading active, productive lives and are demanding more healthy food choices.

All four Fresh & Healthy Brands concepts – Yo-Good, Juice Zone, Pure Health, and Go-Grill – are designed to operate in a wide variety of locations. Our flexible store designs include everything from small footprint kiosks to full-size lounges.

We have successful Franchise Partners operating in busy locations including:
  • Mall kiosks
  • Street fronts
  • Transportation hubs
  • Hospitals, office buildings & municipal centers
  • Colleges & universities

Over the past decade we have developed proven formulas for determining such important factors as traffic flow and traffic patterns, visitor traffic (such as inside a mall), customer impressions and sales potential. These formulas can be applied in your market to identify and test the viability of selected sites. When we engage with potential franchisees in developing the right restaurant concept, we review all of these formulas with you, and we take into account the unique characteristics that make up your market and its demographics.

Your success is our success. By assisting you in selecting the best location for your business, we help to ensure that our mission of bringing healthy and nutritious food to customers will be fulfilled.

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