The synergistic multi-unit franchise

Reap extra profits thanks to brand synergy

All Fresh & Healthy brands complement each other very well. Owners of multi-unit franchises benefit from good brand awareness and can build strong mindshare among consumers with healthy lifestyles. The owners can also plan on an intelligent roll-out of new locations that make the most sense, as they come to understand consumer behavior, traffic patterns, and more.

Multi-unit franchise owners learn many things at their first location, so that future store operations can be predictable.


The synergistic multi-unit franchise

Here are some worthwhile reasons why you should consider owning a multi-unit franchise of Fresh & Healthy.
We welcome the opportunity to speak with you about becoming a Fresh &Healthy Brands Franchise Partner in one or more of our award-winning concepts.

Brand Synergy

All our brands are specifically designed to complement one another. Combining two or more in a single location gives you instant access to a much wider and deeper menu, making your operation more attractive to customers. A cool, refreshing smoothie or frozen yogurt can be an added treat to someone who is ordering a hot sandwich.

Flexible Store Configurations

Our store designs are highly flexible, ranging from simple kiosks to full-fledged lounges. This creates additional opportunities for more than one location in a market area, which can greatly extend marketing and branding efforts.

Seamless Brand Transitions

Operational systems for each of our six concept brands are similar and, for many processes, identical, making it an easy transition from one to another. Traits of a successful Franchise Partner in one brand can be an indicator of success in other areas.

Be a part of Fresh & Healthy family

Master Franchise partners will own the franchise rights for their market, country or region and receive franchise fees and royalties from each franchise operating in their exclusive territory. Fresh & Healthy Brands has Master Franchise partners operating in many countries. Contact us for more information.