The Fresh & Healthy Family

Since our first franchise agreement in 2000, Fresh & Healthy Brands has helped hundreds of eager and ambitious individuals, families and partnerships to become business owners. Our Franchise Partners have become an important part of the Fresh & Healthy “family.”

We include our customers in that family, too! By choosing to frequent a Yo-Good, Juice Zone, Pure Health or Go-Grill location, our customers are telling us that they appreciate the combination of fresh, nutritious and wholesome food we provide, along with the friendly and convenient service with which we deliver it.

The Food Franchise Guide

What Makes a Successful
Franchise Partner ?

Many first-time franchisees worry that they will not succeed. They wonder if they have the background and drive necessary to run a business. Over the years, we have worked with a very wide variety of individuals, families and partnerships, and have identified several attributes we feel are important for success in franchise ownership:


A sound understanding of business principles, including budgeting and cash management


Commitment to investing in marketing and promoting their location(s)


An ability to communicate clearly with customers, employees & vendors


The ability to successfully motivate employees, and a willingness to reward their efforts


Support of family, friends and partners


A dedication to work directly on the business – a key indicator of future success