Yo-Good is a nutritious and delicious alternative to the over-saturated traditional ice cream shops. Yo-Good perfectly combines “yogurt” and “good” in its title, which reinforces the consumer acceptance that yogurt is a beneficial part of our diet.

Health Benefits of Yo-Good:
  •  Yo-Good contains live probiotic bacterial cultures that aids in digestion by helping to maintain a healthy balance among the 200+ other types of bacteria living in our stomachs and intestines.
  •  Studies have proved that the ingredients of Yo-Good have many beneficial roles in improved immune function and in reducing the risks of certain kinds of cancer.

Frozen yogurt brands in general have seen a strong increase in revenue over the past decade. According to a report by market researcher Packaged Facts, frozen yogurt sales are expected to jump from $1.7 billion to nearly $2.7 billion over the next five years. A wholesome frozen yogurt store like Yo-Good is undoubtedly a healthier, profitable alternative to traditional over-saturated ice cream shops.

Good health is good business

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