At Juice Zone, you can select from a wide variety of fresh fruits, and then add all kinds of fresh ingredients including non-fat yogurt, soy milk, or even green tea! Plus, because one smoothie is as delicious and nutritious as the next one, you’ll want to come back to taste another item you’ve never tried before.

Good nutrition is the reason most people cite for drinking smoothies and juice drinks. Consumers want a combination of great taste and the health benefits provided by smoothies and juice drinks. Fresh and Healthy brands recognizes that a Juice Zone smoothies franchise should be modified to meet cultural, economic, and sociological differences in each country. We help a prospective franchise owner to determine which concept, design, and high-traffic location is best suited for the market.

Good health is good business. Consumer demand in the “functional beverage” market (which includes smoothies and juice drinks) continues to skyrocket, with global sales exceeding $9.5 billion, and with smoothies alone accounting for more than $5 billion. Sales are growing at a rate of 30% each year. Wholesome smoothies business is one of the most successful restaurant concepts in today’s health-conscious world.

Good health is good business

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