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Fresh & Healthy’s four concepts of healthy food franchises capitalize on the global trend toward healthy eating by offering customers a wide variety of affordable product choices – always fresh, always healthy – in a convenient and fun setting.

Let’s make this world a healthier place.

Looking for new business opportunities in frozen yogurt franchises, smoothie franchises or health food franchises? Join the Fresh & Healthy Brands family.

We offer exciting new healthy food franchise opportunities in every country, and we’d love to speak with you.

Have little business experience but a passion for serving healthy foods? Our team of experts can train you on all the aspects of your business — marketing, operations, inventory, staffing, site selection, and others. Opening a healthy food franchise requires a commitment and dedication to provide a healthy alternative to traditional fast food restaurants.

Discover our network of Healthy Brands.

At Juice Zone, you can select from a wide variety of fresh fruits, and then add all kinds of fresh ingredients including non-fat yogurt, soy milk, or even green tea!

At Go-Grill, you can choose from a wide selection of fresh ingredients, and we grill it to perfection.

Pure Health provides customers with a nutritious and delicious selection of sandwiches, wraps, paninis, and salads, along with fresh blends and juice drinks.

Yo-Good is a nutritious and delicious alternative to the over-saturated traditional ice cream shops.

Restaurant concepts
designed to offer a full healthy menu.

Kiosk Concept

For 100-300 sq. ft. or 10 to 30 square meter spaces. model, and requires no seating. It’s suitable for areas with limited space and very high foot traffic like malls, airports or other transportation hubs. It requires low investment, and is suitable for co-branding with other foods and retail. Kiosks are installed in strategic locations to draw maximum customers.

Bar Concept

For 300-500 sq. ft. Bars are suitable for areas with high foot traffic like mall food courts or street fronts. The seating capacity may be limited or shared with other restaurants. Kiosks are installed in strategic locations to draw maximum customers.

Lounge Concept

The lounge concept is designed to offer a full menu with ample seating. It is suitable for posh up-market localities and shopping districts. A lounge can be a trendy meeting place at street fronts or malls. Adding wireless internet access can significantly boost the desirability of your lounge.

Join a fresh and profitable network of franchisee partners.

Since our first franchise agreement in 2000, Fresh & Healthy Brands has helped hundreds of eager and ambitious individuals, families and partnerships to become healthy food franchise owners.

Our Franchise Partners have become an important part of the Fresh & Healthy “family.”

We include our customers in that family, too! By choosing to frequent a Yo-Good, Juice Zone, Pure Health or Go-Grill location, our customers are telling us that they appreciate the combination of fresh, nutritious and wholesome food we provide, along with the friendly and convenient service with which we deliver it.

Serve wholesome foods to wholesome customers

Everything we do is directed and focused on one thing: providing our customers with the finest experience in healthy, nutritious dining.

Our efforts to provide the most wholesome natural ingredients, perfectly prepared and presented in a friendly way are all aimed at delighting the person standing on the other side of the counter.

We’re finding that our customers are of all ages and backgrounds. The common link among all of our customers is that they’re tired of the same old food choices, typically from larger chains offering unhealthy meals made up of fats or additives

Effortlessly operate your restaurant with our Executive Managing Program.

We cover the spectrum in dining and also in-store design, offering the flexibility of bar and kiosk footprints. This presents each franchisee with additional opportunities to deliver the GoGrill concept when and where customers are most receptive.

We know there are many people like you who want to get involved in the food industry, but don’t have the time or background to manage it yourselves, so we have created an in-house Executive Model program.

Our team will help you find the best General Manager for your business, and we will manage them for you, so you can relax and enjoy growing your Fresh & Healthy business until you are ready to take it over full-time.

Reap more benefits and profits with
Reduced Royalties.

We like to take care of our partner’s business and we’d like to help you get started as easily as possible. This is why we have reduced our royalties for a limited time only! Inquire today and enjoy our comfortable Reduced Royalties for the first 3 months of your business operation!


Enjoy low entry fees and start ripping the benefits of owning your own healthy restaurant!

Own A
Healthy Restaurant

You’ll be the one to make the rules, set the pace, and the one who reaps the rewards of your effort.

Healthy & Superior

Our test kitchen is staffed by experienced chefs who are continually working on exciting new healthy menu items.

Marketing &
Digital Presence

Take advantage of our Marketing Strategies, Branding, and Content Creation! Reach your customers and establish your brand.

Location Selection

Get the right assistance at choosing the most convenience and concurred location available in the market.


We want each and every one of our franchise partners to succeed in building a profitable, healthy business.


Our team will provide ongoing support for your business, including advertising and promotional ideas.

Simple & Scalable

Our simple menu is intuitive for customers and employees alike.

Master Franchise

Unlike some franchises, Fresh & Healthy Brands does not discourage multi-unit ownership in fact, we encourage it!

We know our franchising system works but don’t take our word for it.

Are you ready to join a
healthy franchising network?

Healthy Food Franchise Opportunities

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