Yo-Good – Store Concepts

Delicious non-fat frozen yogurt is in high demand around the globe. As a category, frozen yogurt production increased over 8% in 2010, according to the International Dairy Foods Association. Connected to that trend, frozen yogurt shops are one of the fastest-growing segments in the quick serve restaurant industry. Other industry statistics point to at an annual growth of nearly 6% between 2006 and 2011. Frozen yogurt brands have been thriving, too.

As part of the Fresh & Healthy Brands focus on the local success of a franchise partner, Yo-Good’s development team helps a prospective frozen yogurt shop franchisee determine which concept, design, and high-traffic location is best suited for the market. Opening a frozen yogurt shop in the right location — with the right atmosphere and personality — can make all the difference to the success of the business.

Yo Good trade showGood locations for frozen yogurt shops where foot traffic is constant may include local shopping districts in the cities or suburbs, shopping malls, college towns, airports, train stations, sports arenas, and many others. These locations are perfect for frozen yogurt brands like Yo-Good.

What’s unique about Fresh & Healthy Brands is that a Yo-Good frozen yogurt shop location can be modified to meet cultural, economic, and sociological differences in each country. This gives a local franchise partner tremendous flexibility when opening a frozen yogurt shop. For example, highly popular and locally-grown fruit in a particular market will be beneficial to both the customers and the store owner.

Yo-Good Bar

The Yo-Good Bar is perfect for spaces of 100-200 square feet or 10-20 square meters. This concept features take out only with no seating required. It’s suitable for areas with very high foot traffic and limited space, plus it’s an excellent opportunity for co-branding with other food and retail. In this scenario, Yo-Good becomes the dessert or healthy snack option to an already existing restaurant concept that is the primary tenant of the space. Low investment required.

Yo-Good Kiosk

Open a kiosk with a space parameter of 200-500 square feet or 20-47 square meters. The kiosk concept offers limited seating, and high stools are recommended. Suitable for areas with very high foot traffic or street front. The picture here shows one of our Yo-Good kiosks in England. Practically everyone walking through the arcade walks directly in front of Yo-Good!

Yo-Good Lounge

The lounge is typically 500-1500 square feet or 47-140 square meters. This is meant for a high exposure location with a full menu and ample seating. Suitable for posh up-market localities. The Yo-Good lounge will become a very trendy meeting place, because it will be in a street front location or within an enclosed mall. Installing a Wi-Fi signal to your location is highly recommended.

If you’re seriously considering starting a frozen yogurt business, feel free to discuss your ideas for a Yo-Good frozen yogurt franchise opportunity with our team.

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