Juice Zone – Store Concepts

Juices and fruit smoothies are some of the most popular drink items around the world — and consumers look for them everywhere! The nutrition and vitamins that consumers receive from juices are key to living a healthy life. When it comes to where a store should be situated, Juice Zone’s development team helps a prospective franchise owner to determine which concept, design, and high-traffic location is best suited for the market.

Fresh and Healthy brands recognizes that a Juice Zone smoothies franchise should be modified to meet cultural, economic, and sociological differences in each country. That’s a very unique perspective in the restaurant franchise industry, because many franchisors insist on keeping with one concept wherever it is distributed. We embrace the belief that there are unique cultural tastes in each country, and for a franchise partner to succeed those tastes must be taken into account.

Juice Zone Bar

The Juice Zone bar offering is perfect for a space of 100-200 square feet or 10-20 square meters. This is conveyed through a take out only setup with no seating required. The most suitable Juice Zone bars are meant for areas with very high foot traffic and limited space, such as a mall, airport or other transportation hub. Many franchise partners like this concept because it allows for co-branding with other food and retail, and therefore the costs are much lower. Oftentimes a Juice Zone bar fills the need of a different concept that could use the attraction of a fresh and healthy juice and smoothie drink. Low investment required.

Juice Zone Kiosk

The kiosk is best for 200-500 square feet or 20-47 square meters. There is limited or shared seating with other restaurants, and high stools recommended. Suitable for areas with very high foot traffic such as a mall food court or even a street front. The kiosk should be placed in a strategic spot so that consumers can’t miss it when they pass by.

Juice Zone Lounge

The Juice Zone Lounge makes the strongest statement. Space size is recommended at 500-1500 square feet or 47-140 square meters, to take the best advantage of seating, signage, and market growth. Franchisees looking to make the most of smoothie franchise opportunities will seek a high exposure location, offering a full menu and ample seating. Suitable for posh up-market localities and shopping districts. Your smoothies business will become a trendy meeting place, and we recommend that our partners obtain wireless Internet access for their customers so that the restaurant location becomes a destination for local consumers. Street front, outdoor mall and enclosed mall localities.

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