Fresh & Healthy Training:  Preparing You for Success

One of the reasons our Franchise Partners succeed and prosper is the training we provide in preparation for the opening of their Pure Health, Yo-Good, Juice Zone, or Go-Grill franchise. Our training focuses on topics that will assist you to become more familiar and comfortable with the day-to-day operation of the business. Training sessions are informal but very energetic. Franchisees leave our sessions with much more knowledge of running a health food franchise restaurant, market characteristics, consumer behavior, food safety, and why our menu offerings are unique.

A broad slate of topics, most of which are included in the Fresh & Healthy Operations Manual, are covered during the training period. Those topics include:

  • The Fresh & Healthy System
  • Daily operations and office procedures
  • Food preparation procedures
  • Inventory and stock replenishment
  • Employee management
  • Financial management
  • Safety and food handling procedures

It is important that proper business processes be used in managing your franchise. These are key to growing revenue and profitability. Business management topics includes:

  • Daily, weekly, and monthly sales reports
  • Cash drawer management
  • Inventory management
  • Customer marketing data

No other health food franchise prepares its Franchise Partners the way Fresh & Healthy Brands does. We want you to become a successful and profitable franchise as part of the Fresh & Healthy family!

We invite you to further explore Fresh & Healthy Brands’ six healthy food franchises. We feel strongly that ours are among the world’s best new franchise opportunities. To get started on your journey of opening your own healthy franchise, simply complete the Fresh & Healthy franchise application today. This will allow us to understand you and your background, and it will initiate our dialogue. If you prefer calling us, contact our Franchise Team at:

1.866.584.2301 (Toll Free US & Canada)

Phone: +1 604-546-7507