Global Reach, Local Flavor

From a modest start in Vancouver, Fresh & Healthy Brands has exploded across the world map. Millions of customers are enjoying fresher, healthier food served in convenient locations that fit with their active life style.

Store Locations

Pure Health

  •  Mexico:
    • Mexico City (2 locations)
  • Columbia:
    • Bogata
    • Santa Martha

Juice Zone

  • Canada:
    • Charlottetown, PEI
  • Middle East:
    • Pakistan (3 locations)
  • USA:
    • Wenatchee, WA



  • Canada:
    • Surrey, BC
  • USA:
    • Miami, FL


  • USA:
    • Suwanee, Atlanta
    • Laredo, Texas (coming soon)
    • Dallas, Texas (coming soon)
  • Canada:
    • Saskatoon, SASK
    • Surrey, BC

Will your location be the next one added to our family? We invite you to further explore this new franchise opportunity by completing the Fresh & Healthy franchise application today. Or contact our Franchise Team by calling:1.866.584.2301 (US & Canada) 1.604.918.5076 (Outside US & Canada) Email us today at and introduce yourself. Tell us which brand, market and location interests you the most!