Healthy Food, Healthy Growth

It started with juice.

More accurately, it started with the lack of juice. Chad Parker was running a successful chain of 100 entertainment franchises across Canada when he went in search of a healthy, fresh glass of juice as part of his dedication to living a healthy life style. He discovered there were few choices available. That got Chad to thinking, then acting.

In 2000 he opened his first juice store – the Juice Zone. Customers flooded in, intrigued and grateful for the chance to enjoy a tasty treat that was also good for you. More locations quickly followed. In just three years, Chad realized the amazing potential for his menu of fresh, healthy juice drinks and decided to share the opportunity with others.

He created Fresh & Healthy Brands in order to franchise the Juice Zone concept across Canada and into other countries.  The rapid growth of Juice Zone led Chad to develop additional healthy dining concepts, and Yo-Good frozen yogurt soon joined the Fresh & Healthy family, followed closely by Pure Health with an expanded menu of healthy items. Go-Grill became the fourth concept under the Fresh & Healthy Brands umbrella.

Growth and success came quickly. Within just a few years Fresh & Healthy had franchise partners in the United States, Europe and Asia. Today, Fresh & Healthy franchises are located around the world. The company’s menus of fresh, healthful food and drinks have captured the imagination and taste buds of millions of people who wish to support their healthy life style with nutritious dining.