Experienced Leadership with an Eye on the Future

Guiding Fresh & Healthy Brands from a small start-up to the successful global brand it has become is our Executive Team. Led by founder Chad Parker, our leadership group includes experts in business, finance, real estate and food service. All ready to assist our Franchise Partners to create a profitable and rewarding business.


Chad Parker, Founder and CEO, Fresh & Healthy Brands

Chad serves as the CEO of Fresh & Healthy Brands. His vision, experience and dedication help to ensure their continued growth and success. The brands are operating in twenty-four countries inc
luding Canada, with 37 new franchises already scheduled to open in 2013 and double in size by the end of 2014. Chad began his career managing a small finance company in 1991, before developing a successful franchise brand in the entertainment business with operations across Canada. As president, he managed the entire expansion process and built over 100 franchised stores in less that 10 years. Seeking new areas of opportunity that matched his own interest for unique and successful food and beverage businesses, Chad began researching the food crazes across Canada and America, and became convinced of the viability of the concepts. He launched his first location in 1997, and began franchising his concepts in 2000. Having traveled to every continent and gaining experience in dealing successfully with many different domestic and international business cultures makes Chad an especially effective leader for Fresh & Healthy Brands. His strengths are business and market development, franchising, finance, legal, operations and supplier relations with a vision for strategic planning and establishing solid relationships.


Cole Parker, Director of Franchising and Real Estate

Cole has extensive operations and franchise experience, starting in 1995 in a management position with an entertainment franchise. Cole was instrumental in building this franchise into one of the largest in Canada. In 2006, Cole joined Fresh & Healthy Brands as a sales associate and has moved up to manage the development of new franchises and real estate for Fresh &
Healthy Brands in Canada and the USA.



Jesse Parker, Brand Development Manager

Jesse joined Fresh & Healthy Brands in Spring 2012 after completing his Business and Marketing Diploma from Kwantlen University, Vancouver. He has received extensive training and hands-on experience with all of Fresh & Healthy’ s brands and is responsible for supporting, coaching & leading our franchisee partners, store managers, and team members to deliver a successful brand experience.