Go-Grill: Where Tasty Meets Healthy

Many people think that healthy entails eating food items that are usually unappealing. Fresh & Healthy Brands seeks to buck that trend with our unique franchise opportunities that won’t compromise flavor and taste in our pursuit of a healthy alternative.


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We look at Go-Grill and the deeper concept that guides it.


The trouble with old-fashioned grilling


The fat that drips from the cooking meat onto the coals results in smoke that contains polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAH). Keep in mind that the charred and burnt surface of the meat is full of heterocyclic amines (HCA). Both of these have been linked to higher instances of colorectal cancers, causing the two substances to be on the list of carcinogens. Clearly, the problem is less in the food and more in the way they’re grilled.


The new way to grill


What sets our grilled food franchise apart from others is that we rely on stir-frying in our food preparation. This Chinese cooking technique only uses the minimum amount of oil with high temperatures to sear the food quickly. This technique also maintains any heat-sensitive nutrients in any prepared meal. The best part is that it retains many of the flavors in the meal too.


Around this central premise, our development teams work with potential franchise owners to determine which of our concepts fit the different criteria available to them:


• Go-Grill Bar (100-200 sq. ft.): This option is perfect for areas with high pedestrian traffic and less space to work with. While you can add seating, the concept is more suited for takeout. This is the lowest investment among the concepts.


• Go-Grill Kiosk (200-500 sq. ft.): Whether it’s at a street front or a mall’s food court, this is perfect for areas with high traffic. Limited seating is allowed, but we strongly recommend high stools around the kiosk to maximize on space.


• Go-Grill Lounge (500-1500 sq. ft.): Ideal for larger areas in which you can arrange for ample seating and full menus, this is grill food franchise at its best. This particular concept is ideal for upscale markets and even as restaurants.


Beyond picking a concept that fits, we also make sure that we meet cultural and sociological differences in every country we set up shop in. Call Fresh & Healthy Brands at (604) 918-5076. You may also get in touch with us at franchising@freshandhealthybrands.com, and we’ll be more than happy to discuss the many benefits investing in a Go-Grill franchise.

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