How Healthy Investing Can Make You Wealthy

A recent study revealed that in the US alone, 66% of people are obese. This paved the way for otherwise different medical issues to reach nearly pandemic levels, such as stroke, diabetes, heart disease, and some forms of cancer.


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On a brighter note, healthy living is becoming increasingly popular. Many people are trying to be more conscious of their diet and their fitness activities. Looking good and feeling good is the new mantra of today, which means huge opportunities for those looking to invest in health and fitness businesses.


Investing in a healthy fast food franchise can help you save not just dollars, but also lives. Fresh & Healthy Brands offers a chance to harness the global trend in healthy eating by owning and operating a quick serve health food franchise. Here are some of the reasons Yo-Good is a smart investment:


Healthy Frozen Treats


Yo-Good satisfies the craving of a sweet tooth, sans artificial sweeteners. Frozen yogurts are good to eat on their own, but customers looking for a burst of flavor can include fresh fruits and berries from our toppings bar. Customers will enjoy every Yo-Good visit, as they get to choose their own combinations and explore new flavors.


Many Health Benefits


Frozen yogurt contains live probiotic bacterial cultures, which aid in digestion by helping maintain a healthy balance among the 200+ other types of bacteria in our stomachs and intestines. Studies are also being made to prove that yogurt can possibly help improve immune function and even reduce the risk of certain kinds of cancer.


The Yo-Good Difference


Yo-Good is one of the top frozen yogurt franchises due to our choice locations, complete menu, flexible store configurations, and strong support for our Franchise Partners. We partner with you in helping your franchise become a success, with our products and practices.


Frozen yogurt brands have witnessed a strong increase in revenue. Global watchdog Packaged Facts reported that frozen yogurt sales are expected to jump from $1.7 billion to nearly $2.7 billion over the next five years, and Yo-Good is at the forefront of it all. Learn more about our franchises by calling us at 1-866-584-2301 (US and Canada) or at 1-604-918-5076 (outside the US and Canada).

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