Frozen Yogurt: A Profitable Spring/Summer Business


Summer is just around the corner and as the weather heats up, cold treats such as ice cream and smoothies are making a comeback. One constant favorite among American consumers is frozen yogurt. Some say the reason behind this is because Americans are getting more health-conscious. And frozen yogurt does offer a lot of health benefits: it contains less fat than ice cream, promotes digestion, and can even boost your immune system thanks to its probiotic content.


Given that froyo sales are about to go sky-high again, a frozen yogurt business is starting to sound really attractive. Below is a report published last March on The New Hampshire:


With food and diet trends changing by the minute, it’s hard to believe that restaurants can stay afloat. One trend that has had its ups and downs, but that has always landed on top, is frozen yogurt.


Frozen yogurt, also commonly known as froyo, is the healthier alternative to ice cream. The main ingredient is yogurt, so consumers are eating thousands of probiotics with every bite.


According to Elise Cortina Fennig, a spokesperson for the National Yogurt Association, most of the Food and Drug Administration- approved frozen yogurt shops meet the association’s more rigorous requirements. The shops must have 100 million cultures per gram in their froyo.


According to Franchise Help, a website that specializes in business franchising, frozen yogurt first started making appearances in 1980. Throughout the next decade, frozen yogurt shops began opening on every street corner and in every mall plaza, dominating America’s industry for frozen desserts.


However, starting a frozen yogurt business on your own involves a lot of work and capital. You’ll also need to be ready to go head to head with long-established, big-name competitors. If the prospect of starting a froyo business from scratch sounds daunting, good news: there’s an alternative.


A Yo-Good frozen yogurt franchise solves many of new business owners’ biggest concerns: business framework, brand recognition, and expert support. Opening your own frozen yogurt store need not be complicated with the help of Fresh & Healthy Brands. Because Yo-Good is an established brand, you can simplify marketing, benefit from an existing customer base, and realize faster returns on your investment.


Yo-Good’s secret to success is a combination of a complete menu of healthy treats, flexible store configurations, choice locations, and unparalleled support from Fresh & Healthy Brands. Yo-Good was in fact named one of the Top Franchises of 2014 by Franchise Direct. Sound good? Give them a call today!


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