What You Need to Know: Some Franchising Basics to Consider


Is franchising an Asian fusion restaurant for you? Franchising opens up a great opportunity to be financially independent, but you have to know what you’re dealing with in order to make the most out of your investment. For starters:


To become a franchisee, costs vary widely depending on the restaurant, its location and the physical materials needed. They can be manageable, or they can be substantial. In some cases, it’s nearly impossible to get started without access to a tremendous amount of capital.


But aside from securing enough capital to finance your venture, there are also other concerns you have to be mindful of, like:


“The franchisee has to maintain the brand promise, and a large part of doing that is being able to fund the buying of equipment and intangible things, like going the extra mile to pick up smashed cups in the parking lot,”


It is true that franchising will require a lot from you; however, it is still drastically more secure than setting up your own business—often a safer bet for anyone, beginner or no, who is looking for promising business opportunities. Fresh & Healthy Brands stands by this and offers dynamic health food franchises that not only help you maximize the advantages of franchising but put the growing trend of healthy eating to good use as well.


The five distinct concepts offered by Fresh & Healthy Brands include: Yo-Good (frozen yogurt); Juice Zone (freshly squeezed juices and smoothies); Pure Health (made-to-order soups, salads, and sandwiches); Go-Grill (grilled food with a twist); and Famous Famiglia Pizzeria (Italian fare and more). Fresh & Healthy Brands will work closely with you and provide the necessary tools to help you launch your very own successful Asian food franchise.


Explore your options further by completing a franchise application or by talking to Fresh & Healthy Brands’ franchise director today.


(Article Excerpt from “What It Takes to Start a Fast-Food Franchise”, Yahoo!, August 16, 2013)

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