A Healthy Food Franchise: Why Would Anyone Go for It?

The food business industry is riding high on the popularity of the so-called “going green” movement. As a matter of fact, entrepreneurs who wish to own a healthy food franchise and contribute to the healthy lifestyle of their consumers can earn big profits.Healthy is In

According to a report released by Time Magazine, food chains have decided to move to serving more healthy food. The article featured a burger chain in Sweden which decided to include serving organic and healthy food options. In doing so, the food chain garnered a 16 percent increase in its profit in 2008, meaning that the move can be very successful for all types of businesses.


Having a health food business attracts more customers and encourages them more to adapt a healthy lifestyle. More and more consumers are turning away from traditional ‘fast food’ outlets in favour of those with healthy alternatives. This shows that customers today are becoming more conscious with their food choices and don’t mind spending a little more for food that can benefit their bodies more in the long run. According to restaurant.org:


National Restaurant Association studies confirm that today’s restaurant guests clearly want more healthy menu options and more information at hand to help them make their choices. From knowing an item’s calorie count to finding more fresh produce on the menu, customers say they appreciate restaurants’ response and are more likely to frequent those restaurants that offer what they want.


71 percent of adults are trying to eat healthier at restaurants than they did two years ago, NRA surveys say. Restaurant operators are taking notice, with a majority reporting that their customers are ordering more healthful foods than they did two years ago, which in turn encourages operators to add more healthful dishes to menus. In fact, 86 percent of adults confirm that there now are more healthful options at restaurants than there were two years.


Based on this industry trend, more entrepreneurs are venturing into this food business model and many healthy food franchises are making it easier to run a business that they can take pride on. If you’re interested in making a smart investment, check out Pure Health, a healthy food brand from Fresh & Healthy. Visit www.Freshandhealthybrands.com for more information on other franchise opportunities under our banner.


(Article Excerpt and Image From Trending Healthy, restaurant.org)

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