Why Get Into the Frozen Yogurt Business?

Frozen yogurt stores have been popping up like mushrooms in mall food courts and kiosks over the past few years. Business analysts believe their success is linked to the fact that the product is so easy to personalize and brand—a wide variety of toppings and serving sizes, signature flavors, you name it. But perhaps the strongest reason behind the industry’s staying power, according to Business Insider, is that good profit margins make it an attractive investment even for small business owners. Even taking the cost of equipment, rent for a prime mall spot, and smaller things like spoons and cups into account, a frozen yogurt business can easily get a 500 percent profit on a 10-ounce serving.Yogurt Breakfast of Champions Image

And then there’s the fact that the product itself has boomed in popularity, thanks to growing awareness of its many benefits. An article published on the Science Friday website has this to say:


What would you pay for a tasty treat that’s satisfying and could potentially keep weight down, while also improving how parts of your brain work? How about a few bucks a day? The snack is probiotic yogurt—the kind with active bacterial cultures. A growing body of mouse and human studies over the past few years suggests that the microbes found in these dairy products could contribute to improved health.Movie Rings (2017)


All things considered, there’s really very little reason not to enter the frozen yogurt business. As a matter of fact, opening a frozen yogurt shop is pretty easy as far as business ventures go. Just get in a franchise partnership with an established brand such as Yo-Good, and you’re pretty much good to go. As a recognized frozen yogurt brand with outlets all over the world, Yo-Good is an excellent choice for both budding entrepreneurs and seasoned franchise owners. For more information, check out the Yo-Good pages at www.freshandhealthybrands.com today.


(Article Excerpt and Image From Yogurt, Breakfast of Champions?, sciencefriday.com)

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