Juice Franchise Ventures: A Blend of Health Benefits for Everyone

An article published by The New Straits Times on January 8, 2014 details recent study findings about food ingredients that have always been viewed as a healthy drink, compared with other products on the market today:


Fruit smoothies, says an expert, is an efficient way to nourish our body in order to have glowing skin.
study fruit smoothies give glowing complexion rosy skin
Dr Ian Stephen of the University of Nottingham, Malaysia campus, who led the research found smoothies made from carrots and a selection of under-utilised local tropical fruits have the potential of doing wonders for our skin.
“About 80 volunteers took part in a six-week trial, where one group of students were given a smoothie made from carrots and local fruits, while a control group received mineral water.
“During that time, measurements were taken of their body composition, dietary intake, skin colour and brightness. Although the initial data suggests significant results, these will be scored by an independent group of experts before they are published,” he said.
While the figures are yet to be released, one can sense that Dr. Stephen’s positive outlook on the results of his study will surely bring renewed interest in juicing and in establishing a juice franchise in general.
The idea of converting raw fruit to liquid is a practice that has quite a history. American fitness and nutritional expert Francois Henri “Jack” LaLanne, who is often dubbed the “godfather of fitness,” consistently promotes the practice and even markets his own machine. It is believed that the idea that food should be thoroughly chewed and squeezed to allow the body to absorb more nutrients from it gave birth to juicing and smoothies.
There are definite benefits to juicing fruits and creating smoothies. In smoothies, the fibers of the fruit remain and help improve the digestive system of the body. Many types of fruit or vegetable that are juiced and turned into a smoothie bring advantages that people may not notice at first, such as controlling blood sugar levels and giving one a good night’s sleep.
A juice or smoothies franchise business, though, can only go as far as its owner takes it, so proper knowledge of the fruits you will be including in the menu and the right combinations can make your juice business a success.
A juice and smoothies franchise, from reliable franchise companies like Fresh & Healthy Brands, provides a lot of health benefits that will market the business for you. With proper management, good customer service, and constant product development, you will never run out of business. Individuals interested in franchising should contact franchise companies to learn more.


(Article Excerpt and Image from Study: Fruit smoothies give glowing complexion, rosy skin, The New Straits Times, January 8, 2014)

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