When Going Vegan, Turn to a Health Food Franchise for Dietary Needs

When your parents urged you as a child to eat vegetables because they are good for your body and make you strong, there was truth in their words—and you should have known that by now. If you haven’t taken their advice to heart all these years, perhaps it’s time for you to shift gears and pursue a healthier lifestyle. An advocacy that just began this year is slowly attracting people to the idea of being vegan. Eat Drink Better describes it:
Matthew Glover, a vegan businessperson who was inspired by the Movember concept, is urging people to go vegan in January in order to improve their health, help animals, and protect the environment, all while raising money for the U.K.-based vegan advocacy group Viva! Matthew launched the Veganuary campaign in the U.K. on January 1, and he hopes to promote his vegan challenge worldwide next year.
The challenge is to eat only vegetables for 30 days of January, signing your name in a pledge made to PETA, the advocacy group for animal rights. PETA will send you vegan recipes and tips for acquiring meat substitutes for certain dishes. Going vegan, however, might be a huge hurdle for the happy carnivores.
Think of it this way: The New Year revelry may have come and gone, but the fallout from the holiday celebrations may still be literally weighing on you. Watching the scale could be helpful, but if you’ve had health issues in the past year, it may be time for you to try safer eating options.
In fact, if you have decided to go full throttle on being vegan, starting your own healthy food franchise will bring you closer to the foods you prefer and will attract others who are taking the same course. While you’re pursuing this new advocacy, you can offer nutritious and delicious dishes to your customers through your health food franchise outlet.
You can start your challenge to eat no meat for a month by researching on various fruits and vegetables that will fit your health goals. For instance, leafy greens are good sources of antioxidants and fiber. Cooking them also helps improve absorption of their calcium content in the body. Beans have high fiber content and helps lower cholesterol levels.
Some healthy food recipes are available online. However, you can experiment with some of your favorite ingredients and work with your franchisor to offer unique concoctions in your own healthy food franchise outlet. Healthy food franchise brands such as Fresh & Healthy Brands’ Pure Health already provide excellent alternatives to some high-sodium, high-starch diets.
(Article Information and Image from Veganuary: Could you eat vegan for one month?, Eat Drink Better)

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