Frozen Yogurt Franchise Opportunities: Smart Investment Decisions

For some entrepreneurs who are interested in buying existing food franchises, popular frozen yogurt brands like Yo-Go are the way to go. However, YNN Rochester’s Tara Lynn recommends caution when delving into the world of food franchising, particularly since the overall costs of owning a franchise may well hit the seven-digit mark. “Part of that cost is the initial franchise fee, the amount of money you pay to the company up front to buy into the operation” says Wagner. “Beyond that, your costs will vary. A home-based business, for instance, may require little in terms of setup. The bigger the business, the longer the list.”


It would be in the best interests of budding franchisees to study their choices carefully so they don’t get overwhelmed by the costs involved. Fortunately, reputable franchisors like Fresh & Healthy Brands extend the necessary training, marketing assistance, and other services to ensure the success of their new franchise partners. A reputable franchisor recognizes that franchisees require a dependable support systems from the get-go to succeed in a competitive environment.

The franchisor’s support also comes in handy in case a product has a somewhat limited consumer appeal. In this case, frozen yogurt is typically sought after during the summer months and largely by health-conscious individuals. There is also the fact that frozen yogurt shops tend to compete with ice cream parlors, which was the case during the 1990s. However, much has changed over the years that would make in-demand frozen yogurt franchising opportunities more lucrative than ever before.

According to the International Franchise Association (IFA), the frozen yogurt business is one of the few industries in the world that didn’t see a massive closure of franchise establishments in 2009. This was due in part to the innovative flavors and toppings that a number of big names in the industry have introduced to the market, as well as the renewed call for healthier foods in universities and in certain communities in the United States. The IFA also noted that yogurt shops have begun to crop up almost everywhere in the country, whereas they were previously concentrated in warmer areas like Los Angeles.

In any case, franchisees are advised to watch their expenses and plan their every move carefully. For more healthy food franchising opportunities, you can turn to a reputable company like Fresh & Healthy Brands.

(Article Excerpt and Image from Buying a franchise can be costly, YNN Rochester, December 03, 2013)

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