Better Eating Habits through Franchising Popular Healthy Fast Foods

An article on Food Poisoning Bulletin dated December 8, 2013 reveals that most Americans ignore the calorie count of meals served at fast food restaurants. Such establishments are infamous for their high-calorie offerings, which can cause serious health complications if consumed on a regular basis. The article reveals shocking details regarding the number of people who are actually counting fast food calories:


They used the 2009 HealthStyles survey to perform a cross-sectional analysis on a sample of 4,363 U.S. adults to evaluate the use of available calorie information when ordering at fast-food and chain restaurants.

They found that only 36.4 percent of those surveyed used calorie information. Of those, 95.4 percent said they use the information at least sometimes.

The use of calorie information was not related to race, ethnicity, income or education, researchers found.  Women were more likely than men to use the information.  Frequent fast food customers, those who eat at fast food or chain restaurants three or more times each week, were the less likely to use calorie information than those who ate at fast food eat out at those restaurants less than four times per month.

Information of this sort shouldn’t even come as a shock, given current conservative estimates that a third of Americans are obese. While a growing number of consumers want to eat good and nutritious food, there are those who’ve simply resigned themselves to eating fast food regardless of the calorie content. If people can’t bring themselves to a healthier restaurant, then perhaps a budding entrepreneur can bring convenient and healthy fast foods to them, instead.

Fast foods earned their moniker due to the ease and speed with which they are prepared and served. The usual tradeoff is that these foods are high in calories, fat, and sugar, and can be very unhealthy if consumed in immoderate amounts. Yet a fast food business doesn’t have to stick with junk food when fresh and healthy gourmet meals and sandwiches make for a better and increasingly more popular option.

Those who want to encourage healthier eating within their communities can become franchise partners of leading healthy dining restaurants. It’s a good thing that a growing number of restaurants are adding greener and leaner options to their menus in response to the clamor for fresh and nutritious food. You can get in touch with a company like Fresh & Healthy Brands that offers an excellent selection of healthy fast food franchise opportunities in strategic local and even international locations.

(Article Excerpt and Image from Surprise! Most Americans Ignore Calorie Count of Fast Food Meals, Food Poisoning Bulletin, December 8, 2013)

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