Health Food Franchise Opportunities Cater to Health-Conscious Diners

An article on the Huffington Post dated December 4, 2013 discusses the various dangers of fast food. The massive consumption of fast food is unsurprisingly linked to the rise of obesity in both the U.S. and Canada. The author, a nutritionist, poses this challenge to the world’s fast-food business owners:


So, here is the challenge for you, fast-food business owners. Get educated, and begin to offer items geared toward the segment of the population who want to eat healthy and already doing so. But also, there is another percentage of fast-food patrons who just might be tempted to pick the 100-percent, whole-wheat bun or tortilla, or the meat without fillers, or the salad dressing without hydrogenated oil and sugar. Of course, the public has no way of knowing what other hidden things lurk inside your foods, but at least we can start with a few better choices, and hopefully have your determination to someday serve wholesome foods that pose little threat to our health.

While cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and even cancer have been linked to fast food dining, take note that not all fast food stores serve unhealthy meals. Some fast food franchises, in fact, offer delicious and nutritious meals that can give regular fast food a run for its money. A health food franchise opportunity is the perfect way to capitalize on the growing demand for healthier dining options.

Serving healthy food isn’t just about limiting fat, sugar, and calories. The article points out that a lot of fast-food chains unfortunately use artificial ingredients and fillers, things that are otherwise unfit for human consumption. A lot more customers now look for meals that are not only healthy but prepared as freshly as possible. It’s much more reassuring to eat food assembled from fresh ingredients as opposed to hogging down a stale piece of meat that’s been sitting under a heat lamp for hours.

You can also take part in the healthy dining movement by owning the right franchise. Fortunately, in-demand healthy food franchises aren’t so hard to find these days. You can turn to a company like Fresh & Healthy Brands for a selection of wholesome franchise opportunities with considerable income potential and sustainable demand.

(Article Excerpt and Image from Fast-Food Faux Pas, Huffington Post, December 4, 2013)

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