Strategic Location: Key to Success of Healthy Franchise Opportunities

Opening a business is a common aspiration for many employees who desire to be their own bosses. However, since starting a business from scratch involves a lot of work, a good alternative would be to acquire a franchise instead. Chris Joseph of the Houston Chronicle writes that owning a franchise offers two great advantages.


Proven Method

A franchise provides you with a proven business format to follow. The entity from which you purchase the franchise, known as the franchisor, provides you with operational procedures and marketing strategies that have been successful for other units. This eliminates much of the trial and error associated with starting a business from scratch, as well as much of the risk.

Brand Recognition

From a marketing standpoint, a franchise offers the benefit of brand recognition. Because you’re starting an operation that features an established brand name, you’ll likely need to spend less money and effort on establishing the name to potential customers. In many cases, the customer will have already purchased your products or services from another unit in the chain.

For most aspiring franchisees, product offerings such as coffee, donuts, or pizza represent good business opportunities because they are already quite popular to begin with. As such, taking advantage of great pizza franchise opportunities makes more sense than starting a pizzeria from scratch. Keep in mind, however, that buying a great franchise does not automatically ensure your success as among other things, you need to choose the right location for your business.

You’ll want the kind of business location that receives heavy foot traffic and is easily accessible by car or by public transport; otherwise, you’ll only lose out to the competition and suffer heavy losses before long. Proper positioning is also crucial to the success of your franchise. For instance, a new restaurant that offers healthy menus is likely to draw curious onlookers in a strip mall lined with fast food chains and pastry shops.

When it comes to any retail or franchise business, it’s all about location, location, location. Know your target market well and study which franchise format suits your requirements and preferences. Reputable franchise business owners like Fresh & Healthy Brands handpick viable sites that allow franchise partners to maximize the potential of healthy franchise opportunities.

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