Be Your Own Boss: Juice Franchise For Your Own Juice Bar or Kiosk

Buying a trendy juice franchise or kiosks, such as Juice Zone as conceptualized by Fresh and Healthy Brands, can be the perfect initial gateway towards running and managing your own business, and, ultimately, profiting from it. Arguably, it is a safer and less risky entrepreneurial endeavor than creating your own start-up business from scratch. For one thing, the brand itself is already established in the industry, easily recognized by consumers. Furthermore, primary marketing and advertising strategies and tactics that define the brand are often the responsibility of the franchisor.

Money  for FranchiseIf you wish to buy a reputable smoothies franchise, such as Juice Zone, it is essential to do research and read the Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD). Study the business and the brand from the get-go–and make sure it is relevant to your interests. shares:

Choose a business in which you really believe you can excel–a business that matches your singular set of skills and interests as closely as possible. Assess your strengths, weaknesses and blind spots. Visit existing units of the franchises you’ve targeted and talk to the franchisees. Are they like you? Are they more driven or far more laid-back? Volunteer to work in a franchise for a few days, then decide if you’re truly passionate enough to own one.

Furthermore, read the fine print in the FDD which includes information on franchise outlets, financial performance of other franchises, initial fees and investments, duties and obligations as the franchisee, and other legal and financial concerns. It is important to hire an accountant to help you understand the full extent of this financial investment that you are going to be undertaking.

Additionally, establish communication with other franchisees to get a lowdown on the state of investments they’ve made, their experiences, and other similar concerns to help you get a clearer picture before taking on the role of a smoothie business franchisee.

As with any other business venture, there is always a level of uncertainty in getting into franchising. According to an article on, “[n]o franchise company–no matter how glorious its track record–can guarantee financial success.” With adequate research and preparation, however, you can follow through and keep your business on track.

(Article Excerpt and Image from Will I Make Money As a Franchisee?,, December 12, 2010)

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