Blast Up With Diverse Ideas to Profit From A Frozen Yogurt Business

Since the early 1990s, frozen yogurt shops have burgeoned in the market, offering a variety of sweet arctic twists for customers. These shops continue to proliferate as frozen yogurt reflect impressive sales proving yogurt as an attractive investment opportunity. Starting a frozen yogurt business, however, as with any business, isn’t a cake walk.

Yogurt StoreMost frozen yogurt chains are nearly indistinguishable from one another. To make yours stand out from the bunch, you have to think outside the box. Below is an excerpt from Houston Chronicle which talks about the importance of creative marketing:

Know Your Customers

[..] find out if there is a demand or desire for the store in your chosen area. Conduct surveys, either by going door to door yourself or by hiring a research firm. Ask a range of people from all backgrounds, ages and genders in the area how they feel about frozen yogurt. Examine income and employment statistics for the region so that you know whether or not people will be able to afford to spend money on your frozen yogurt.

Know Your Competitors
[..] pay them a visit to find out what types of yogurt products they offer and their pricing. Find out how saturated the area is by scanning the telephone book or performing a web search for frozen yogurt stores in your zip code or city. Create a list of the products other stores offer […]

Business type
You may choose between self-serve or full-service treats. In most areas, self-serve shops have a staff working on the cash register, which ensures low labor costs for entrepreneurs. Whatever your style, sufficient research on your target market should lead you to an educated decision.

Permits and Inventory
To operate legally, you need to have a business license, tax identification number, retail permit and food license. Communicate with the agencies in your area for a comprehensive list of requirements. To complete the package, you also need to have digital scales, self-serve machines, and other related business items.

Marketing strategy
A common practice for grand opening is to give out free samples or customer loyalty cards to customers. Other promotional ideas include offering discounts or distributing flyers. On the whole, diversified ideas can lead you to better chances at success. If you are interested in opening a frozen yogurt shop, you may refer to online sources. Yo-Good, from Fresh and Healthy Brands, is one of the established names that you can count on for franchise opportunities.

(Article Excerpt and Image from Things You Should Know Before Opening a Frozen Yogurt Store, Houston Chronicle)

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