Making Pizza Part Of Healthy Franchise Opportunities

We always hear how pizza is labeled as junk food. Can we blame these party poopers? After all, this Italian delight is made of white flour dough that contains a high amount of sugary carbohydrates and topped with high-fat cheese and processed meats. Junk or not, pizza, like cheeseburgers and hotdogs, has become part of the American food landscape.

Have AnotherThere is, however, a growing trend among consumers seeking healthier food choices. Thus, more and more restaurants are innovating; with pizzas, for instance, any variety of organic or gluten-free dishes is served over a piece of square dough, smothered with bacon and pepperoni. That’s a start at least. With this health obsession, you may think pizza has taken a backseat, but not quite so.

The following excerpt from a Sept 4 2013 Haaretz article might make you change your mind about throwing away that pizza box:

Pizza’s secret, researchers claim, is lycopene, an anti-oxidant that is found in
the skins of tomatoes and makes them red. It fights the destruction of healthy
body cells and may even slow the growth of or even destroy cancerous growths. It
is also may prevent heart disease, fertility problems, bone thinning and more.
While lycopene is found in fresh tomatoes, it is actually better absorbed by the
body when the tomatoes are processed, as in tomato sauce.

A study by researchers at the Mario Negri Institute for Pharmaceutical Research
in Milan found that eating pizza reduces the risk of various cancers. Evidence
that a diet rich in tomato sauce has health benefits has been growing for years,
but this time the experts said that pizza could fight disease and provide
protection against cancer.

Restaurateurs looking for healthy franchise opportunities may usually leave pizza out of its menu, but this recent finding can change the way the game is played. Pizza can now be a healthy choice, in other words, because its ingredients have the right nutrients to fight off various health problems.

Why settle for a strict, hearty restaurant menu list that can flip any Bourdain follower if you can still have this Italian classic without the artery-blocking ingredients? Don’t cross it off the menu just yet. So if you’re looking for a healthy pizza franchise for sale, contact reliable franchisors such as Fresh & Healthy Brands and get authentic and delicious New York style pizza that your doctor would approve of.

(Article Excerpt and Image from Go On, Have Another Slice || How Pizza Can Be Good for Your Health, Haaretz)

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