Hearty Food From Best Ingredients: An Asian Fusion Restaurant Trend

Staking out a restaurant that serves exciting food is just half the equation for astute eaters who are on the move for places that would also indulge them with healthier options. With health risks related to poor food choices on the rise, who can blame the average Joe (or Jane) for replacing his diet for one that doesn’t include a quarter pounder?

Assian FusionIf the goal is to achieve long-term health and wellness, eating the right food offers just about the best of hard-nosed solutions. A balanced diet not only provides the body with the needed nutrients but it also keeps the main organs, such as the heart and the brain, functioning at their optimal best. Good nutrition, among a multitude of benefits, lowers blood pressure and the risk of getting cancer, as well as prevents chronic ailments and heart diseases.

Cooking food has become a more conscious discipline geared towards real nutrition and health. This is evident now in Asian fusion cuisine. This type of food preparation, which fuses “two cuisines or cookery forms” brings forth more than just a uniquely single dining experience. According to an article from Phuketmag.com.

Fusion food is the perfect answer for health conscious groups as the chef has the freedom to pick only the best ingredients when adapting the original formula.

Visiting an Asian fusion restaurant can give you plenty of healthy options from California salads to healthy grilled items. Go-Grill, which is a new Asian fusion restaurant concept of Fresh and Healthy Brands, offers a unique approach to grilled items that are stimulating yet nutritious and wholesome. Health-conscious selections on beef, chicken, seafood, vegetables, fruits, tofu, as well as with soups and sauces, are made from fresh ingredients designed to energize or detoxify the body. Since fusion cuisine is about the art and science of food, it also takes ordinary meals to a higher level.

Fusion is also considered a smart way to upgrade local cuisine to an international level with the perfect mix and match of great dietary value ingredients that will satisfy a wider group of diners.

Fusion cooking is healthy Asian food ingredients combined with chef creativity to create a world class dish. Many entrepreneurs have partnered with established food companies, such as Fresh & Healthy Brands, that offer their franchises alternative dining choices for health-conscious consumers and ardent foodies. This wholesome dining style definitely brings something fresh and dynamic to our tables, both in terms of taste and nutrition.

(Article Excerpt and Image from Asian Fusion Food to Harmonize With a Healthy Food Trend, Phuketmag.com)

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